Professional Massage Therapy in the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office

Serving central Connecticut residents.

Massage Therapy in the Comfort of your Own Home or Office.

Meet Your Therapist

Alyssa Miller Graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2009 and is State Licensed and Insured.  Her focus is to bring Affordable, Professional and Pain Relieving Massage to You in the 

Comfort of Your own Home or Office.

Alyssa is experienced in Swedish Relaxation technique, Sports and Injury recovery, Oncology and Geriatric Healing Massage, Prenatal, and Healthful Rejuvinative Massage techniques.  She enjoys bringing her knowledge of Chinese Medicine into her practice- using Acupressure and Deep Breathing to heighten Healing Benefits during each Session.

To make your Massage Affordable...

Prices are as Follwed:

$1/Minute. Up to 2 hours for a single Massage. With an added $20 Travel Fee Per Visit.   

Thats- $80/60’ In Home Massage


           $140/2 Hr Massage! 

Table Massage or Chair Massage Available.                                              Hours are Flexible 7 Days/Week

Please Call 203-997-2933 to Schedule

About Massage Therapy...

Massage Therapy is a proven way to help the body get relief from pain and muscle tension.  Multiple Massage Benefits include:

Relaxed Muscles and Mind, Decreases Pain, Increased Circulation, Relieves Stress, Brings Body Awareness, Brings Healing touch to Elderly, Increases Physical Performance, and Feels Amazing!

I Come to You!

Don’t feel like going out?  Feel you don't get to enjoy your own Home Space enough?  The Body Space brings the Relaxing environment of the Spa right to You in the comfort of your own Home or Office!  Plus! You don’t need to get into a car right after your Massage Session,  you are free to go to bed or relax on the couch. The Body Space creates a focused Healing and Relaxing Space for Your Body, right at Home!